Health & Safety

Our employees are important so we take care of them.

We have a legal and moral responsibility to the people we employ or who may be affected by our work, to protect their health and keep them safe. Our staff usually work in premises that are not directly under our control which means a key aspect of part of our Health & Safety policy is to ensure that we fully co-operate with our clients in all Health & Safety matters. It is our job to familiarise ourselves with our clients Health & Safety policy and procedures and to inform our staff of these before they start work.

Risk Assessments

We adopt a continuous approach to Risk Assessment meaning that assessment takes place at each of the sites where we work at set intervals. Furthermore we establish clear lines of communication for staff and we encourage them to voice any concerns or ideas they may have to improve safety. Where appropriate we incorporate these into the next Risk Assessment along with any new precautions in the workplace.

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